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How We Can Help You

Newton Collaboration's Cloud Accounting services make it easy for businesses of all types to count on reliable bookkeeping, so your time can be more efficiently and effectively spent on what matters most to your for your business. Here are some ways in which we can help: 

Small Business Owners

Small business owners have very limited resources.  Who has time to do all of the accounting tasks necessary to maintain a proper business reporting environment? 


That’s why we become your back office, processing all business functions (or those that you would have us do), for a cost that is less than it would take to do it yourself. 


Who could ask for more than that?



Tracking targets and their progress is important to your company’s financial management. We’ll help build momentum and growth, set annual, financial business goals and then track them. 

We’ll help construct a job budget on a job-by-job basis, then help you stay on budget via the job-cost reporting system.

Let us be the office so you can be in the field.



E-commerce businesses are tough.  You have to make sure your product range is correct, manage inventory on hand, and make sure your customers are happy.  Can you really make your customers happy and do accounting?

Let us do the un-sexy stuff so you can do the sexy stuff.



If you run a restaurant, you need an accounting team that can support your unique needs as a restaurateur. We offer a range of features that can help you including applications that are designed for restaurants in particular.

Running a restaurant takes countless hours. In many cases, those hours tend to consist of late nights, weekends, and often holidays. As a result, when you finally get a moment to spend with your family or do other things, you don’t want to have to run back to the restaurant for any reason. Luckily, our online services have many features that can be accessed remotely.

Let us do all of the back-end accounting so you can focus on your customers.



For a services-oriented business, it’s all about billable hours or flat fees for services rendered. 


We’ll set up a repository for consultants’ hours worked on various projects and either bill them out to your customers (after review if needed) or allocate consultants’ costs to flat-fee projects. 


You keep on top of which consultants and projects are profitable and which may be less so.

Retail Sales


Retail businesses can save time and focus resources on the things that matter, while having the mundane (but critical) done by us.  If your business maintain and inventory of products, you need a way to match the cost of products sold with the sale in order to evaluate which products are providing the most (and least) profit margins.

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