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We set up an email address using your domain name (such as and receive accounting related e-mails on your behalf.  We also have a fax number and post office box. 


Everything is digitized and (if you so desire) immediately copied to you.  We process all incoming documents, set up bill payment, process payroll and all reconciliation and month-end closing tasks. 


Depending on your business format, we also create your sales invoices, keep inventory, and perform summary historical performance reporting and future cash flows projections.

Data Cloud
Office Work

All of the documentation is secure in the cloud and you have full access to all of the documents and accounting data stored there.  It’s the entire accounting back office for an affordable price.


We operate in a variety of industries, from oil and gas to restaurants, start ups and professional services.  Many of our clients file their financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

You have 24/7 access to the accounting system and all stored documentation.

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Our Online Services

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